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even with enabling AV receiver in hidden menu, cannot control volume of receiver

I enabled the option to check for AV receivers in the model search via the hidden menu, and still, with my Roku Ultra LT, I am not able to find any AV receiver brands.

I also tried to control via CEC as setup also by the secret menu  and that does not work. 

I've done a complete cable removal and power cycle, it's not a handshaking issue.

HDMI CEC is enabled on my receiver. 

I know there's a disclaimer on the Roku screen when you attempt to set up volume control that it doesn't work with receivers/soundbars, but, I've read here that others have it working and, well, that's just a stupid restriction that should not be present.  What difference does it make if the IR receiver is a TV or AV receiver??

The appleTv 4k remote works and controls the volume of my receiver  without issue.  Not sure why it's so hard with a Roku. 



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