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Reel Rookie

Wonky Express remote unable to select anything

I can not even connect my roku to my router because when I try to select numbers/letters and press any direction button the highlight just speeds along all the characters until the end of the column/row   Help please.  Thank you.

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Re: Wonky Express remote unable to select anything


It could be the remote. Try a new set of batteries. If it's a new Roku Express, consider that any new batteries could be bad. Another set from a different batch decreases the chance of that.

If that doesn't resolve it, consider returning the device. Keep in mind that right now, the Roku Express 4K+ is on sale for the same price as the Roku Express, and is a better device. If you could return the Express and get an Express 4K+ in its place, you'd actually come out in a better situation. This might have a silver lining.

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