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When I turn on my Directv it turns on my Roku

I'm a Newbie,  Trying to figure out what the programmers have designed.  I want my Roku to be separated from turning on my TV when I turn on my DirecTV.  When I turn on my DIRECTV which is synced with my TV to turn on on HDMI-2, It turns on my Roku box too, which is on HDMI-1  Why?  I un-checked my 1 touch play.  It sometimes turns off, but then turns on again all by itself a while later.  Trying to save Electricity.  That little Roku box gets hot, so must be using a lot of electricity. 

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Re: When I turn on my Directv it turns on my Roku

To be honest, you shouldn't worry about it.  Roku devices never really turn off.  The difference in the amount of power they use while idle vs. in "power saving" is minimal.  Night light bulbs get pretty hot and they use more power than idle Roku devices.  Keep in mind that if you have a power button on your Roku remote it's strictly for the TV.  It doesn't imply that you can turn off a Roku device.

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