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Reel Rookie

Waking up Ultra with the remote power button

Hi all,

I have the Ultra (4800x / 10.5.0) with the included voice remote that has the power button to turn on my Samsung TV.

Question, when I press the power button the Samsung turns on great but the Ultra does not wake up out of sleep mode.

To get the Ultra to wake up, I need to also push the home button to wake it out of sleep mode.

Is this the way it’s designed to work?

Why would we not want the power button to also wake up the Ultra? It would be a simple software change.

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Re: Waking up Ultra with the remote power button


Thanks for the inquiry.

Please be aware that the newest Roku OS 10.5 has added a new Power item in Settings > System menu for some Roku models. If you have this Power item, under Auto power savings see if deactivating After 20 minutes of no interaction fixes the problem.

Keep us posted what you find out.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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Reel Rookie

Re: Waking up Ultra with the remote power button

Deactivate After 20 minutes of no interaction is set to ON and the Ultra goes to sleep as expected.

The question is waking it up with the "TV Power" button. Is this possible???
Currently I turn on the Samsung TV with “TV Power” button THEN push the “Home” button to wake up the Ultra from sleep.

Can both be done with the one push of the “TV Power” button ??

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Re: Waking up Ultra with the remote power button

No, tv power only powers tv and does nothing else. 

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