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Reel Rookie

Voice Remote Pro -- Misc. Inconveniences

I am a fan of Roku Remotes so I jumped on the Remote Pro right away as soon as it was available for sale. 

Everything worked if I keep "TV Fast Start" on. (And it works after the TV is on.) However, I have some issues when I use the remote to turn on the TV. 

If I turned the TV Fast Start off: (I prefer to keep it off generally)

1. The TV will take more than one minute to respond unless I aim the remote to the TV correctly. (My other Wi-Fi based voice remotes will turn it on quickly even if I pressed the button in other rooms.)

2. The preset buttons also has the same problems.

3. The personal short-cut button will not work at all even if I aim the remote at the TV.

Granted it was a minor problem (and it occurs only when the TV is off with fast start off), but I think this can be easily corrected if Roku wants to do it. It seems that voice commands takes longer to respond and it won't work when the TV is off while Fast-Start is tuned off. I would hope they change all the buttons to send hard coded signals through Wi-Fi. 

While I am at this, I think Roku should change all the buttons to be user-defined. For a remote that came with the TV or the Roku device, I have no problem if they preset the button functions. But even I paid extra money specifically for a remote, I think I have the right to set the remote any way I'd like it to be.

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Roku Guru

Re: Voice Remote Pro -- Misc. Inconveniences

Can't even buy a Voice Remote pro in the UK yet, and international shipping from US to UK doubles the price.


Eventually maybe Roku will start selling in the UK.  How hard could it be to ship a few pallets to Amazon FBA in the UK and set up a product page.  Doesn't matter if there isn't a UK plug in the box, the charge connection is generic enough

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