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Voice Remote Pro Gone Crazy

Anyone experienced this? It's like every button on my Voice Remote Pro is turbo charged. I press something once, and I get multiple inputs that I didn't request. Pressing up or down on the Home menu immediately takes me to the apps and opens one. As for troubleshooting, the remote is at 100 percent, and I've tried re-pairing it. No effect. I've only had it for about two months. I shouldn't have to shell out money for a new one already.

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Re: Voice Remote Pro Gone Crazy

In case the problem is at the Roku end instead of at the remote end, try restarting your Roku.

If you have sufficient control with the remote use Roku menu path Settings > System > System restart.  (On a Roku TV the menu path is Settings > System > Power > System restart.) 

If the problem you're having doesn't let you control the Roku via the remote, you can restart by pulling the power plug for 30 seconds or so then plugging back in.

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Re: Voice Remote Pro Gone Crazy

Thanks for your suggestions. I should have mentioned that I tried another remote, which worked fine, so it definitely wasn't an internal matter (I have a Roku TV). The Voice Remote Pro seems to be back to normal now, but I'm still keeping my other one near. Perhaps it was charged too strongly. I know that these things are selling out, so I'd advise new owners to be cautious of this.

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