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Voice Remote Commands Executed Twice

I own two voice remotes, and the operation of either of them frequently results in a double execution — that is, the Roku box (Roku 3) will perform the command twice for a single press of a button.  This happens will *all* streaming providers, including YouTube, Netflix, etc.  For example, when I press 'play/pause' during playback, playback will stop, but then continue a second or two later.  Or, the opposite will occur: when the the 'play/pause' button is pressed while playback is paused, playback will resume but then pause immediately afterward.  It can also happen when using the cursor (left, right, up, down) buttons, where it will execute a command twice for a single press.  This behavior is intermittent, but enough to be annoying.  And it's important to note that this problem has *never* occurred with the original remote, and that everything other than these voice remotes works fine. 

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