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Vizio Sound bar stopped working with new Roku OS 4800X

I upgraded on of my Roku Ultra to the Roku OS 4800X Ultra a few days ago and found that the Vizio sound bar volume stopped working with the Roku remote. The sound bar is connected with an Digital Optical
Cable as it has always been and worked fine with the old Roku Ultra. What gives Roku?

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Re: Vizio Sound bar stopped working with new Roku OS 4800X

Update: Derp, I went to the Remotes & Accessories forum after posting this and saw the stickied/top thread about the remote and TV volume control:


The following steps fixed it for me:

1.   Navigate to Settings
2.  Select Remotes & devices
3.  Select Remotes followed by your remote
4.  Select Set up remote for TV control


I have a Vizio TV (P55-F1) and Roku 4670X. After the 10.0.0 update this morning my remote no can no longer control the volume/mute functions of my receiver/amplifier.  I've verified CEC connectivity.  Now when I hold the mute button on the Roku remote it blanks the TV screen but there is still power to the TV.  As soon as I hit the "Input" button on my Vizio remote the picture returns instantly.  I think something happened with this 10.0.0 update and HDMI/CEC functions.

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