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Reel Rookie

Using Power/Volume buttons - TV Brand not in list

I have a Roku Streaming Stick+ in a Samsung in one room and loved the power/volume functionality so much that I bought another to use in a different TV. This one though is a less well known brand, an "Evotel" that is 10+ years old now. This brand is not in the list when I try and set up my remote for TV control. In desperation I cycled through all other TV brands and options. There were a few hits when the music stopped but turned out the mute button was the only one that worked.

I've read a bit about IR vs HDMI-CEC but assume because of the age of the TV, IR is the only option? Do I have any other avenues of exploration here or am I just going to have accept the dual remote setup?

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Re: Using Power/Volume buttons - TV Brand not in list


Thanks for the inquiry.

Perhaps @Tivoburkee can provide some insight with your remote issue as he's our current resident remote expert in the Community.


Danny R.
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Re: Using Power/Volume buttons - TV Brand not in list

Sorry I could not find another brand of tv to suggest for your evotel tv. 😞 

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Re: Using Power/Volume buttons - TV Brand not in list

Thanks for looking nonetheless. In my research I have found Evotel is an in-house brand from Currys, where I bought it from. Other such brands have included/include Logik, Matsui, Digitrex, TEAC and TV line. But of these only Logik is in the list, and like everything else, no joy 😞

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