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Use Roku Express 4K+ with Prozor HDMI Audio Extractor

If I connect a Roku Express 4K+ with a Prozor HDMI Audio Extractor and then connect that to a HP 32f monitor while porting the Extractor audio to external speakers, can I watch shows on Roku? I tried a some similar arrangement using a HDMI to VGA with audio converter with audio ported to speakers. Everything looked great, went to Sling, got the CNN (static) facade but when opening the "live" stream, I could hear CNN clearly but the screen went light purple. After backing out, everything looked fine again.

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Roku Guru

Re: Use Roku Express 4K+ with Prozor HDMI Audio Extractor

There is nothing that precludes the use of audio extractors with Roku devices (many use them in all sorts of setups).

That being said, Roku cant provide support for third-party CE or guarantee any specific setup.

You'll just have to try the setup with the extractor and see if it works for yourself, and be willing to spend time tweaking it if need be.

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