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Universal remote control issues

I recently had to buy a universal remote because my last one just randomly stopped working. I’ve had the new remote less than 3 weeks and it has stopped working. Input please and thank you 

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Re: Universal remote control issues


Perhaps the universal remote you bought was too cheap?

You can get an official $20 Voice Remote (RCAL7R) or $30 Voice Remote Pro (RCS01R) at Walmart/Best Buy/Amazon/etc or from

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Re: Universal remote control issues

Well, if it's not a Roku remote, there isn't much help you can get here. Since a universal remote uses IR to communicate with the Roku, make sure there's nothing blocking the IR sensor on the front of the Roku. You can test your remote to see if it's working by pointing a digital camera (like what a cell phone has) at the front of the remote and pressing any button. If you see a flashing light in the camera viewfinder, then the IR remote is functioning. Since it's a universal remote, make sure it's still using the correct Roku code. If it changed itself to control a Sony or Samsung (for example), then it won't control the Roku anymore. Many universal IR remotes have a switch to tell the remote which device you want to control. Make sure it's set correctly. 


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