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Ultra 4800X Reprogram Remote Buttons

I would love to de-program Ultra 4800x's side buttons to not control the TV volume.  Sometimes I pick it up and accidentally hit one of the side buttons. 

Secondly, yes it's cute to hit a button on the remote and have it turn on the TV and it switches to Roku's HDMI input on the TV, but it would also be nice to allow me to switch back to the cable box's HDMI input from the Roku remote. 

Basically, allow users to reprogram a couple buttons as needed.

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Re: Ultra 4800X Reprogram Remote Buttons

Highly unlikely Roku will ever allow reprogramming any remote button. As to your second issue, that is currently being performed by a CEC command, which is only capable of changing the input to the CEC device. If your cable box supports CEC, then pressing a button on that remote should switch you back to that device. Unfortunately, different manufacturers label their CEC functionality differently, so I can't tell you what to look for in the cable box settings. Roku calls it One-Touch Play. Samsung calls it AnyNet+. And so on. 


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