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TV remote to control volume on Soundbar


I have recently purchased a Samsung HW-T400 soundbar to use with my Hisense Roku TV - model R50A7200GTUK. I've connected it up with an optical cable and everything works great. There is an option to use the TV remote to control the soundbar volume which I can't get to work. I've followed the steps in the manual several times but unable to do it. 

I just wondered if anybody has this make or/and model of soundbar and if they've had any success in pairing it?



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Re: TV remote to control volume on Soundbar

Sorry but it will never work, the soundbar option in the Roku tv settings is only for Roku soundbar/streamerbars or Roku Ready Soundbars.

Roku remotes only control tv volume, especially Roku tv remotes. If you want a single remote option it will have to be an aftermarket universal remote. 

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Re: TV remote to control volume on Soundbar

As was stated in above reply, the Soundbar option is only for official Roku manufactured Streambars/Soundbars and Roku compatible Soundbars.  They don’t list the Samsung HW-T400 as compatible with Roku.  

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Re: TV remote to control volume on Soundbar

@Tivoburkee @Michelle3 Thank you for your replies. I understand what you mean by saying you can only pair Roku devices in the settings. However according to the soundbar manual you can pair a TV remote by pressing a certain button on the soundbar remote to toggle through some options. Despite trying a few times I guess its just not supported.

Also I've changed some of the audio settings to what I believe is suitable for my setup. I've connected the device via an optical cable. I've done the following:

Audio Output - OPTICAL

Digital Output Format - CUSTOM> DOLBY DIGITAL and DTS ON

Would you recommend these settings or am I best sticking with Auto?



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