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Streaming stick remote not work + new wireless router = no roku

I have a Roku 3500R Streaming Stick.  For a while I wasn't using it, and during that time I got a new wireless router.  When I tried setting my Roku up again I could NOT get the remote to work. (Model RC41).  I tried all of the troubleshooting that I could find on here: replacing batteries, rebooting the streaming stick, etc. and nothing worked.  I would be find with using my smart phone as a remote however the Roku has never been connected to my current Wifi network, and I can't use the remote to get it select the correct network and enter the password.

Is there some way to get my streaming stick to recognize SOMETHING as a remote so I can connect it to my wifi?  I can't even find an RC41 remote to buy as a replacement!

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Re: Streaming stick remote not work + new wireless router = no roku

That's the original HDMI Streaming Stick. I think that the remote it used is a little different from the remotes the current Sticks use. You can purchase a current Stick remote at Walmart or Best Buy for $20. It might work. Others will likely tell you it won't. I'm not about to dispute them; they know their stuff.

You didn't ask this, but I'm gonna mention it anyway. I've had the 3500 Stick. It was an okay device. It was better than it's contemporary Roku 1, but not much better. It was way inferior to its contemporary Roku 3. The current Stick (or Stick+) is a vastly superior device. Even if you had the remote for the 3500, I'd still suggest upgrading, simply because the device is so outdated, and won't run some of the current apps. Roku still officially supports the device, but some app developers don't.

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