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Since 10.5.x update: Now TV crashes Streaming Stick 4K (Dolby Vision) and remote cannot be paired?

SInce updating to the latest 10.5.x software, I have had nothing but problems with my Roku remote losing its coupling with the new Streaming Stick 4K (with Doby Vision) that was released in October 2021. 

The pairing continualy drops out for no reason whatsover and the only way to get the remote paired with the Strreaminng Stick 4K is do a complete factory reset of the Streaming Stick 4K (with Dolby Vision).  No other so-called fix, incuding rebooting the stick, removing and putting the batteries back in during reboot work.  This means that in the last 4 days I have had to do a full factory reset 5 times, every time having to login to all apps that require logging in to.

Furthermore, since the 10.5.x update, the Now TV app crashes the entire Streaming Stick 4K.  Once the Now TV channel has loaded the Now TV GUI and on selecting anything within the app with the remote it crashes the entire streaming stick.  After an automatic reboot of the stick the remote then refuses to pair! A full factory reset has to be carried out to get the remote paired again.

This is an unacceptable situation.  Why was this sub-standard and badly tested software update rolled out?

When wil this ludicrous situation be resolved?  I now have a useless Roku Streaming Stick 4K which cost £49.95.

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