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Simple TV Remote for Elderly

I found a simple TV remote and have been using it for some time now and really like it and just wanted to share.  Search online for something like "Learning Remote Control with Big Buttons".  See photo, below:




Are you like me?  Our TV remote has (I just counted) about 43 buttons.  That's about 30 or 35 more buttons than I need.  Did you ever want a simpler remote?  I found this one, have been using it, really like it.

It ships without instructions.  Here are the instructions (found in the comments section):

"Hold the Power button and CHANNEL-UP for a couple of seconds, a blinking LED indicates the learning remote is in programming mode. Keep your existing remote pointing at the top of the learning remote during procedure.

Now, press the desired button you wish to program and then press the button on the original remote until the LED blinks rapidly on the learning remote. Repeat for each button until you are done.

To exit the programming mode wait for the LED to turn off."

No pairing (Bluetooth).  Just old fashioned IR (infrared) line-of-sight.  

You can program the 6 buttons to do anything you want.  I programmed them to do TV on/off, volume up/down and mute, as usual.  I was hoping that, maybe, the channel up/down buttons might work with something like Pluto TV, but, unfortunately, they don't.  So I programmed Channel Up/Down to switch inputs (from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2 in back of the TV).  I have my Roku player plugged into HDMI 1 and a Firestick in HDMI 2.  So I can use Channel up/down buttons to switch quickly between my Roku player and my Firestick. 

Why would I do that?  Well, on the Firestick, I might set it for "Pet Collective" which is a cute, mindless, time filler.  Then on the Roku, suppose I'm watching a movie on Tubi and I want to take a break.  I could switch to Pet Collective on the Roku, but that involves changing apps and a lot of button pressing.  Much quicker is to just have Pet Collective already cued up on the Firestick and then switch from Roku to Firestick.  Then switch from Firestick back to Roku after you're finished taking your break and the movie is already cued up, just press play.