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Simple Remote buttons Not working for unknown reason?

I have a simple remote and streaming stick device. 1-3 times a year, my remote buttons fail to work. It is peculiar that in Roku's troubleshooting, the only problem noted dealing with remote buttons not working is for the power button and volume buttons Not working. For me, the power and volume buttons are the ONLY ones working. Very strange. As always, I check batteries, try resetting by removing remote batteries, then unplugging stick for 5 -10 seconds or more, then plugging stick back in and reinstalling batteries into remote. Every time this situation has happened, eventually, either within an hour or after a good nights sleep, Everything returns to normal like nothing happened and the remote miraculously starts working again. It is bizarre to me. This last time, so far, the remote has refused to work properly. I guess I'll find out in the morning as I am pretty fed up at the moment and need a break.

Anyone experience this? If so, have you learned what the problem is? Roku is impossible to get a hold of and I have had NO luck connecting to Roku support. Very, Very disappointing!!!


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Re: Simple Remote buttons Not working for unknown reason?

First, you don't have a simple remote.  Simple remotes don't work with sticks (and a stick is a Roku device that plugs directly into an HDMI port without any cable; some people don't understand that and call any small Roku device a stick) and don't have TV control buttons.  Second, it's not unusual at all that the TV buttons work and the others don't.  You can think of the remote as two remotes in one and they're completely separate.  It's possible for the TV controls to work and the Roku controls to not work or vice versa.  Finally, because the remote works via Wi-Fi direct it's easy for something to cause interference.  It's odd that you only experience it sometimes, but it could have to do with your Wi-Fi (router).  If its channel is set to "Auto" it's possible that it's changing around and some channels are better than others.  You might want to try the free HDMI extension, but so many people have trouble ordering it that it may not be worth the hassle.  And, as always, if you're not using the supplied power adapter and have it connected to your TV's USB port, try the supplied power adapter.

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