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Secondary Remote with Roku Ultra not pairing - Followed "ALL" instructional & Troubleshooting

My first ultra Roku 2nd remote didn't pair no matter what, so I bought a second ultra and the larger remote from that wouldn't pair. I power cycle. pressed the remote program button, took batteries out and in and everything I found on ALL the remote troubleshooting guides.  I can buy a third one and try that or hopefully I can get some help. The roku support chat was a joke and so were the "if your still having problems pairing your remote" was a joke too.  Been there done that. Thanks!  

I didn't' mention that it's only the 2nd larger remote from the roku ultra I can't pair.  I have done absolutely everything on the support pages on this site and I'm out of options. Since I thought it was the remote was dead, I bought a second roku ultra hoping that the larger second remote from that unit would pair, but still having the same problem. I either going to bring them both back or try buy a third roku ultra and try that larger remote too, to see it if will pair. I have power cycle both the main unit and the remote, pressed the remote program button many times, so please don't suggest that might work.  I follow the directions to a tee. I'm about to go for an Apple TV at this point, since the roku chat didn't' help and there is no number to call that I can find anywhere.   Thanks!  

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Re: Secondary Remote with Roku Ultra not pairing - Followed "ALL" instructional & Troubleshooting


Thanks for the post.

Can you please provide the serial number/device ID on your Roku device? I'll be able to assist you further from there.



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