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Reel Rookie

Roku turns TV on but does not respond

I have two roku sticks and two very different TVs- one new and one older but I have the same issue. A lot of the times when I power on the TVs with my roku remote I cannot do anything else. The remotes are not responsive to any other bottoms except the volume and power. I have to unplug the stick power wall plug and then i am able to use the remote. I did request an HDMI extender for one of the TVs but it did not really help. Very frustrating to have to get out of bed or coach to keep unplugging the power - what is this the 70s?!

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Re: Roku turns TV on but does not respond


Thanks for the post.

Are the Roku streaming sticks the same model?

Perhaps @Tivoburkee can provide some insight regarding your issue as he's our resident Community remote expert.


Danny R.
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