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Roku streaming stick+ 4k remote not pairing

I have a roku streaming stick+ that's a year or two old.  It had the power cable with the USB A I think and a small black box on it that from reading appears to be a wifi extender or its main wifi.  The USB connection got bent while moving the TV, so we got a new USB cable with the correct connector but not the roku specific one.  Now the remote won't connect to the roku.  We have tried power cycling it repeatedly, accessing the roku from the app(doesn't show up) and a factory reset with no luck pairing it.  


Is the antenna/box on the USB cable the main wifi antenna and therefore absolutely necessary? It sits next to the wifi router so I didn't figure the extender was necessary.


Thanks for any help you can provide, it is much appreciated.

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Re: Roku streaming stick+ 4k remote not pairing

They used to call it the AWR (advanced wireless receiver), but it seems now they call it the "Long-range Wi-Fi receiver".  I assume you have a model 3810 or 3811 (you can see the model displayed under Settings->System->About). It's required.  You can get a new one for $20 or you can get a new Express for $20 or less.  Your call.

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