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Roku soundbar has no volume, but remote/apps are working. Says it's not connected.

I recently bought a second Roku Soundbar, which I connected to an identical Roku Tv (as I had with my first.  Same Roku TVs purchased at the same time.).  The tv swaps over to the soundbar when turning it on, just as my original.  The remote works fine with all the apps.  The problem is that the volume comes from the TV and NOT from the soundbar.  I have looked at all the suggestions I've found so far.  When I attempted to move through the recommendations I see a notice on the screen that the Soundbar is not connected.  It is, and in the proper port (I've tried the others just for the heck of it too), and again, the remote works for all the apps, power, etc.  I simply cannot figure out how to get the sound to work.  Summary:  Roku soundbar connected to Roku TV.  Power and apps work with soundbar remote. Volume is coming from the TV (adjustable with the soundbar remote).  No sound on soundbar.  When attempting recommended solutions from community page, I see a notice on the scree that pops up saying that the soundbar is not connected, and instructs me to connect it the the ARC port.  It is connected, and everything else but the sound seems to work.  Please help me understand how to fix the sound issue.

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Re: Roku soundbar has no volume, but remote/apps are working. Says it's not connected.

Go into the Roku tv settings and refresh the cec devices. The soundbar remote only controls the tv volume by cec, that's why you don't have to program a tv brand in. It can be programmed to power the tv by IR. 

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