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Roku sleeps if TV is turned off

I have a Roku Express with the voice remote. I plugged my headphones into the remote and turned the TV off. I like to listen to the TV as I fall asleep. However, after 2ish minutes of the TV being off, the sound cut off. I turned off the bandwidth saver but that did not fix it. How do I keep the sound/Roku on when the TV is off?

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Re: Roku sleeps if TV is turned off

Hi @Patti88

Thanks for reaching out here in the Community!

Starting Roku OS 10.5, we added a new Power item in Settings > System menu for some Roku models. If you have this Power item, under Auto power savings, see if deactivating after 20 minutes of no interaction fixes the problem.

Keep us posted.

All the best,

Kariza D.
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Re: Roku sleeps if TV is turned off


Some TVs cut power to the USB power port when turned off. (some ports will remain powered up to 15min or so after being turned off).

If you are currently using your TV's USB power port for your Roku Express, try using the included power adapter and plug directly into wall outlet.

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