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Roku remote unable to hear me

Greetings,     Subject: Premier Plus voice remote error "Cannot Hear Me".

After searching out my problem, I have not seen any posts or information confirming that there is a definite fix for this. I have already tried all of the power reset suggestions and repaired the remote as well. The remote has new batteries also.

The remote is in good working order other than it says that the voice search commands cannot be heard. My Roku app voice control works flawlessly which leaves only the problem with the remote. The only other "Fix" I have seen requires a factory reset which will wipe out all of my settings and channels which I would rather not do and I have not seen any posts or information anywhere that states that this fix really, really works. Is there any other fixes available? Thanks for any help with this.

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Re: Roku remote unable to hear me

Have Roku Express with voice remote. Same issue: “Unable to hear you - try again.” This remote began gobbling up batteries several months ago in just days until I completely reset the box. That fixed the massive remote battery drain. Have not tried resetting box again to fix this issue as yet. Any easier or assured fix for this?