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Roku remote question ( ROKU )

This just happened and wanted to see if it happened to anyone else and if its ok.

I took the sheets off my bed and tossed them into the wash machine. When I moved them to the dryer my small black roku remote fell to the floor. Its for my bedroom roku tv and the remote still seems to work so far. I removed the batteries and am letting it dry out. Just wondering if something like this has happened to anyone else and if it might go dead soon or if it still works its fine?

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Re: Roku remote question ( ROKU )

It sounds like your remote survived the ordeal.  It's a good idea to let the remote thoroughly dry out before reinstalling the batteries.  Also, contact with water may have allowed the batteries to lose their charge.  I'd probably start with new batteries.

In the meanwhile, while the remote is drying out, the Roku app for iOS and Android phones/tablets can be used as a remote control for Roku units.  The Roku and phone/tablet need to be connected to the same local network.

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