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Roku remote not working on rca tv?

Hello my roku tv remote isn’t working properly it would occasionally go up and down after pressing the buttons numerous times but it’s really hard to get it to move sideways the infrared light isn’t lighting on the remote I can’t afford a new one or a new tv at the moment just had to but a fridge because it stopped working . HELP PLEASE 

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Re: Roku remote not working on rca tv?


For a short term, do you have an Android or iPhone you can add the Roku app? It has remote capabilities.

That would get you up and running for no cost, and then we can look at troubleshooting the device. Don't depend on the app alone, even if it works great. If you network changes or your Roku loses network connection, you can't use the app. You'll want to get the remote issue resolved. But the app should get you going quickly and for the short term.

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Re: Roku remote not working on rca tv?

Did the remote work correctly in the past?  You can get a replacement remote for $9.95 at Walmart.  You do not need a new TV.  

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