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Roku remote not working, can’t connect to wifi

My Roku remote is not working at all, no light or anything. We’ve already replaced the batteries and checked the terminals so it’s not that. We can’t use the app either because the Roku was disconnected from the WiFi, So we pretty much can’t use it at all right now. help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Roku remote not working, can’t connect to wifi

If its the roku stick pictured in your post, the 3500 purple stick. Sorry but they don't make remotes for it anymore, you'll need to go used on ebay. That is so old roku its not worth spending the money for a new remote. Even if they were a remote available it would cost $20. You can get the most receintly released roku on sale the Express 4k+ for $30. And if you to misplace that remote on that one too, the express 4k+ accepts IR remote too, so you could get a cheap universal remote to control unlike roku sticks which only respond to roku wifi remotes.

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