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Roku remote keeps losing tv power & volume controls


You are NOT alone.  ROKU is incompetent and impotent to correct any of the problems you are having.  They continue to ask for serial numbers and model numbers etc. and it is a waste of time as they never solve the problem or get back tg you with a fix. 

Top management is to stupid or just plain dumb not  to fire their entire customer service  and IT department and start over.

Problems with the remote not connecting, no volume, not changing channels , volume jumping by one or two numbers etc. have been going on for ever.

Just look at the past posts on remote problems and you will see how useless Roku customer service and IT are.  They are a joke.

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Re: Roku remote keeps losing tv power & volume controls

I am having the same issue with my Roku device in Samsung TV. I have to reset the code almost daily and it is a real pain in the ass. This whole remote issue that Roku puts out is very unreliable and many times I have to undo the battery compartment and twist the batteries to get an electrical connection again. Very cheaply made and poor quality. I'm certainly not going to recommend this product to anyone I know

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