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Roku remote issues from multiple roku TVs and products

So, this may have been posted before, but maybe this will help push some change.

Now before I start, I will say this: Roku is an amazing company, and they have changed the way I watch TV for sure. I own TWO roku TV's and a Roku stick for my daughter, I'm a big fan of your products.

That being said, what the **bleep** is wrong with your remotes! You obviously know something is wrong with them, because you have an app.(which is amazing...for multiple reasons, especially turning TVs on and off from a different room...makes for quite the joke with the little ones) All three remotes we have, dont work anymore, without us looking like the karate kid pushing buttons till it works. We replace batteries, pair the remote, and it still doesn't fix the issue! I feel like roku needs to put a little more money into the functionality of your remotes.

Go to Google, type in : roku remote

The top search is: roku remote not working

Says a lot about it right?

Please roku, have a recall on your remotes, and fix the issues. I want roku for the rest of my life, but it won't be that way if customer satisfaction isn't keeping up with modern business practices. Fix your remotes!!

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Re: Roku remote issues from multiple roku TVs and products

You're a little thin on details, but I'll throw a couple of things out. First, many Roku remotes are IR only, which means you have to have a clear line of sight between the Roku and the remote. The Stick of course is WiFi Direct, so doesn't require line of sight. But the issue with a Stick might be interference from the TV. When the Stick is connected directly to the TV's HDMI jack, it is in very close proximity to the TV internals. Every electronic device emits some level of signal, and depending on how they are located it could interfere with the Roku remote. The solution is to request a free HDMI cable extender from Roku, which moves the Stick about a foot away from the TV, and greatly reduces the chances of interference between the two. 


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Re: Roku remote issues from multiple roku TVs and products

Im having  the same issue!! This is the 4th and 5th roku device that the remotes just stopped working. And they are different kinds. What are we supposed to do ? Im not buying a new one again. 

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Re: Roku remote issues from multiple roku TVs and products

Hi @Krich61523,

Welcome to the Roku Community!

Can you please clarify the remote issue you are experiencing? A few questions here to better understand what you're experiencing:

  1. Are you using a Roku player or Roku TV?
  2. What Roku model device are you using?
  3. What specific Roku remote are you using?
  4. What troubleshooting steps have you taken so far to try to resolve the issue?
  5. Have you tried running the steps on this link to get your remote back up and running? 

With more detailed information, we will be able to assist you further.

Best regards,

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