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Roku premiere+ remote issuing random commands

Hoping someone can help with the issue below.

My Roku Premiere+ has been acting very strangely lately. I have to take the batteries out of it or it will issue a multitude of commands at random without me pressing anything. It will pause and return to home in the middle of a movie or jump into other apps from the home screen with audible, rapid button clicks.

I have tried replacing the batteries, resetting the Roku and re-pairing the remote, all to no avail. 

I have seen other posts like this with no clear resolution.

I also have two other Rokus in the house that are not experiencing this issue.

Any ideas?

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Re: Roku premiere+ remote issuing random commands

Sounds like a bad remote. Maybe dirt in the buttons, Cheetos dust, or something. 

Rule out cleaning the remote. Once you’re sure it’s clean, if it still misbehaves, you may want to replace. 

While awaiting a warranty replacement, I’d pick up a replacement remote for $20 from Walmart, Best Buy, etc. or a cheap universal remote. 

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