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Roku pauses/stops when using remotes for other devices

Hi, just started using a brand new Roku Express HD a couple of weeks ago. While watching, it will suddenly pause or just stop when I use the remote for my air conditioner, or the remote for my bedside lamp. Minor inconvenience, but it’s become pretty annoying. I’m assuming the remotes all use a similar signal. My AC remote has never turned on my bedside lamp, or vice versa… Can anything be done to remedy this? Thank you. 

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Re: Roku pauses/stops when using remotes for other devices

Remote interference does happen.  About the only thing you can do is get a voice remote (assuming you don't already have one) and then hide or cover the Express so no stray remote signals can reach it.

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Re: Roku pauses/stops when using remotes for other devices

I have a haier window A/C I have a Roku Express when I use the up arrow on the Roku remote it turns the air conditioner on and off very aggravating the air conditioner remotes does not affect the Roku at all it is all a problem with the Roku remote controlling my air conditioner which for some reason happens to a lot of people I see post after post on the internet going back three four years same problem but not much mention of it here it's always the air conditioner remote affecting the Roku I wish I could find a solution but there isn't much hope I don't think if I see the problem going back three four years and has not been fixed it is not an update I have restarted unplugged on everything and I refuse to buy a new remote updated one that uses Wi-Fi that will not do this just because I would never buy another remote if I didn't have a problem have to use the remote app on my Android so this don't happen rather use the other remote not a good situation for anybody

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