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Roku blinking LED as if I am pressing control buttons over and over

My Roku has a blinking white LED as if I am pressing a button on the remote over and over. It also acts as if the last button pressed is being held down (so very annoying to use). I can remove batteries from the remote and it keeps happening. I can also see from using my phone camera that the remote is only flashing once per button press (phone cameras can see the infrared light).

Have tried power cycling to no avail!

Any suggestions?

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Re: Roku blinking LED as if I am pressing control buttons over and over

I'm assuming this is a Roku TV ...

You've removed the remote from being considered the source of the problem by finding the problem continues with no batteries in the remote.

Try placing something in front of the IR sensor on the front of the TV (or better yet some opaque tape over the sensor) to see if this stops the problem. You may have to bring your remote right up to the TV and experiment to find the location of the sensor.

  • If the problem continues with the sensor blocked such that the remote with batteries installed  no longer controls the TV this indicates the problem is internal to the TV.  Roku only supplies the operating system for a "Roku TV", not the hardware, so this would sound like a hardware issue that needs to be referred to the manufacturer of the set.

    Roku TV Manufacturer Support Contacts:
  • If the problems stops with the sensor blocked this indicates something else in your environment is creating an intermittent IR pulse.  Fortunately it isn't configured as a signal the TV reacts to other than showing you the white light.  If you can't find and/or block the source, you could just block the irritating light with opaque tape (as long as that doesn't also block the sensor).
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