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Roku accessories for UK Roku.

I needed a replacement for a damaged wireless receiver cable for stick+ so tried to order a replacement from Roku. Looks like Roku don't sell replacement parts in UK and redirect to the reseller above. I ordered the part through this site. Though they promise a next day delivery, my order status hasn't changed for two days. I'm a bit nervous as the website and contact options feels quite basic. I've tried contacting them and is waiting for a response.

Not a big deal yet, apart from the no more streaming bit but was wondering if anyone here has used them before and has some experience to share.

Roku support has confirmed they can't help nor do they sell any accessories directly, both a shame but I guess they've got business reasons for it.

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Re: Roku accessories for UK Roku.

Roku's offering for spares and accessories in the UK has been pants for a long time.  It should not be this hard to set up a sales channel with somebody sensible e.g. Curry's/Partmaster/espares

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