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Reel Rookie

Roku Ultra remote Model RC-AL9 Freezing Issues

Our Roku Ultra remote Model RC-AL9 began having issues tuesday night-it froze when I tried to restart a show we were watching that had been paused-I am familiar with pulling the batteries and reinserting them-when that did not work after two tries I got a new set of batteries, tested the new set before installing, they were fully charged as were the set I pulled. New ones did not work either. I tried using the procedures at about 6 times, then pulled the batteries, unplugged the unit and went to bed. Yesterday I began the procedures once again, several times it would restart, pair and go to home page but then only allow moving the cursor 1 or 2 steps and froze again. Did this about 5 times before trying something I read on a tech site, after the battery pulling, unpowering the unit and restarting once again I sat the remote next to the unit, I then left it go for about 1/2 hour and this time it began to work. Worked fine all afternoon when my Wife was watching and when be started watching in the evening but then occasionally it would freeze. Took batteries out, then work again. Then last thing it turned on, went to home, moved one selection over and froze. I was simply too tired to bother with it again and can only assume either the unit or the remote is defective. I spent about 45 minutes Tuesday night and another 1 1/2 hours yesterday and am too old for this type of aggravation. If there is something else I can try, pls advise. One thing I was able to do when it was working was to check for software updates, it stated it had last been checked on Sept 7, 2021 and last updated June 30, 2021. I purchased the unit Nov 28, 2019 but did not begin using until Feb 2020 and gave it a 5 star review on Amazon and have been mostly pleased with it despite the occasional hiccup with the remote but this current situation simply is not resolving 

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Re: Roku Ultra remote Model RC-AL9 Freezing Issues

You mentioned "fully charged".  Are these rechargeable batteries?  If so, have you tried a new set of alkalines?

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