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Reel Rookie

Roku Ultra 4800FR and 10.5 software update Remote not communicating

Since the update we have several issues. The only way we can operate the Roku now is to unplug the device from power and HDMI each time we want to use. Extremely annoying.

The 1st symptom is the remote refuses to communicate with the device. The white lite just blinks but nothing happens. I have to remove the batteries, unplug the device from power & HDMI, reinsert the batteries and replug the Roku... then it MIGHT work. This is every time we want to use it. We tried a work around to use the TV remote to select a new 'source' but then the display is wacky, we get a small screen display in the upper left corner of our TV screen. So the only option is to completely unplug and go thru the steps above EACH TIME.

I have checked for a software update to roll it back to 10.0 but we do not have the option. Please advise. This is a new Roku purchased in January 2021.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Roku Ultra 4800R and 10.5 software update

I am attempting to turn it on so I can capture the settings screens but it is really struggling to allow the remote to pair with the Roku device.

Model 4800X - Roku Ultra

Number X010000JKR7S

Version 10.5.0 build 4201-C2

Device ID S02A209JKR7S

Software Updated Nov 11 2021

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