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Roku Ultra 4800 - Software Ver 10.0.0 - Build 4177-C2 No more audio controls

Attempted responding as directed - entry tagged as SPAM - something is wrong when told how do respond and doing that is tagged as spam....

I AM still experiencing an issue with your Roku remote not able to control volume and power, please provide us with the following information:   (attempting to do so)
-Roku device model --- Roku Ultra 4800X
-serial number ---------- X010002KVC4H
-device ID --------------- S02A209KVC4H
-software OS/version - Software version 10.0.0 / Build 4209-C2 (last updated 23 June 02:44)
-remote model --------- RC506 / firmware version - rtn4120
-remote model --------- Voice Remote model RC339
                                       (both in use - both with same symptom) 
-TV brand --------------- Visio
-model number -------- V505-G9
- Software update checked - claims to be up do date - hit the reset button on the box to force a restart - nada - same.

Have tried passing this previously in the forum - just gets marked as spam >>???<<

>>>>> Please acknowledge receipt of this <<<<< thanks Drew Hunter

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