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Roku Ultra 4660RW Replacement Remote for Remote AL-4/RC136

I have been going back and forth with a Roku support tech and I keep getting the same story over and over again which is the claim that the so-called gaming remote only comes with the Roku 2 series Roku boxes and that it did not come with the Roku Ultra 4660RW.

The remote that came with the Roku Ultra 4660RW identifies itself in the battery compartment as the RC-AL4, and in the settings screen as the RC136. It has a private listening jack, voice search, lost remote noise maker, AND the A and B gaming buttons. I have sent a picture to them and the tech simply ignores it and repeats the mantra that the "gaming remote only works with the Roku 2" when that is simply not the case. Millions of people own these. Where do we get an exact replacement remote and why are Roku support pretending they don't exist when we have evidence in front of us that they do?

This situation is extremely annoying since I've been a Roku customer for so many years. There are a number of games on my Roku that I really like playing and it seems completely stupid on multiple levels to sell Roku remotes with the Roku box that have the A and B gaming buttons and then refuse to sell you an exact replacement and even go so far as to pretend they don't exist. 

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Re: Roku Ultra 4660RW Replacement Remote for Remote AL-4/RC136

They don't sell an exact replacement for the rc-al4, your only place is used on eBay. They do sell a gaming remote for $29.99, it will pair with your ultra, but it won't have tv IR on board. You might be able to control the tv volume by Hdmi-cec. 

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