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Roku Suddenly Cannot Connect to the Internet

@RokuDanny-R @@ I have researched on this site & cannot find a solution

My JVC Roku TV worked just fine till 1 hour ago. Now it won't connect to the internet.

I don't have the original remote, I use the internet remote.

How do I get the internet back on? 

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Community Moderator

Re: Roku Suddenly Cannot Connect to the Internet

Hi @Calitracy805,

Thanks for reaching out to the Roku community!

We understand that if you can't connect to the internet, you are unable to use the mobile app to control your Roku TV. We recommend replacing your remote to make sure you can connect your Roku TV to the wireless network.

Each Roku TV manufacturer provides direct support and warranty services for their products running the Roku OS.
If you need a replacement remote for a Roku TV, you would need to contact your TV manufacturer.

You can also purchase a remote that is compatible with your Roku TV on our Products page.

For further references, you can visit our support page : How can I contact the TV manufacturer of my Roku TV?



Jecheal R.
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