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Roku Streaming Stick+... what are issues related to power cycling?

Although Roku recommends using outlet power, they also document that it can be powered by a TV's USB port (assuming sufficient power).

I am wondering about the potential dangers of using USB power when the device will be powered up and down every time the TV is turned on and off. Are there any times in which dropping power could possibly brick the device (e.g. during an update)? If so, couldn't this also occur if outlet power is dropped?

Would repeated on/off cycling lead to any other issues as compared to constantly on? Shorter lifespan? Perhaps longer lifespan?

I'd rather not have the device on 24 hours a day when it's only being used maybe a few hours at most. And I'd like a cleaner setup without another wire in the mix.

I'm interested in what other users may know and experience.

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Re: Roku Streaming Stick+... what are issues related to power cycling?

I've seen a number of users report issues when using the TV's USB port for power. The biggest issue is that the TV's port might not offer sufficient power for the Roku. The USB 2.0 standard is only 500 mA, and some TVs don't even offer that much. 

The biggest problem I've seen have been the device spontaneously rebooting itself.  Other times the channel may crash and take you back to the home screen. Overheating is also a possibility. While I've used a TV port to power my Stick on a hotel TV when I was traveling, I only did so if I could not reach a power outlet in the room. I always prefer to use the wall adapter, rather than the TV's USB port. 


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