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Re: Roku Streaming Stick+ need new remote


I don't understand why Roku hasn't worked out a deal with a retail chain in the UK for selling accessories. In the US, large national chains such as Walmart, Target, and Best Buy carry remotes. It seems natural that stores that carry Roku devices carry Roku accessories. Not having that capability seems odd to me. I don't know if Roku is the problem here, or if retailers prefer to not take up stock or shelf space with accessories, or if there's some other thing that's not common to the US.

Those national retailers in the US carry devices and accessories for Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV. Is that not common in the UK? Or is Roku the oddball here?

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Re: Roku Streaming Stick+ need new remote

There isn't any organization owned Roku accessories save on line, only an appointed associate with very restricted range here. Cheaper fashions plus circulate bar will work with IR compatibles plus a selected One4all version.

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Re: Roku Streaming Stick plus need new remote

Roku is a little less common in the UK, not as heavily marketed.

Several retailers stock the devices (and one TV with UK-EU standard free access OTA antenna digital capability i.e. Freeview HD aka DVB-T), but none carry accessories online or in store.

May be a ranging problem (not profitable enough to hold stocks), may be a supply problem (the Streambar was released months after US).

Roku and TV partners also don't seem to engage the main wholesaler used by independent electrical retailers (Euronics).


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