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Roku Remote only working at short range (~1 ft)

I recently purchased a Roku Streaming Stick 4K and connected it to an old Emerson/Funai TV (LF501EM4). Everything was working great for few days, and then suddenly the volume and power buttons stopped working unless I held the remote within about a foot of the IR receiver.

I've gone through all the troubleshooting without any success, including testing a different Roku remote. I have also reviewed lots of similar posts here looking for solutions without any luck. (At one point the power and volume started working normally again, and I thought I had fixed it, but the problem resumed later that day.) So I fear that it's a problem with the TV's IR receiver. And the TV is definitely outside of warranty.

The TV has CEC capability, and it is currently enabled. It must be working for power control at least, because I can turn off the TV using the power button in the Roku menu and in the phone remote app.

Is there a way to force the remote to use CEC for power and volume?

Alternately, does anyone have any ideas for solution to have volume control with the TV short of (a likely expensive) repair?

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Re: Roku Remote only working at short range (~1 ft)


Thanks for the post.

Perhaps @Tivoburkee can provide some insight as he's our resident remote Community Expert.


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