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Re: Roku Premiere Remote Stopped Working - Tried Resetting Roku & Remote ?!?!?!

You’re a senior citizen who works at a sheriffs office in Georgia? Really kinda does make sense now. Did you vote to deny people their right to vote? I’m sure you did. And you waste time trolling in the Roku “community?” Sad.

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Re: Roku Premiere Remote Stopped Working - Tried Resetting Roku & Remote ?!?!?!

@SamWilmaCharlie wrote:

Yeah. You don’t know what you’re talking about. At all. Since you weren’t present when I bought it. You don’t actually know a thing. It is all untrue & incorrect. Everything about me and my purchase are all assumptions. You know? I actually don’t buy things from unscrupulous Anybody bc I don’t Know any people or places of the sort. Do you not literally have Any Thing Better To Do? Let’s see how long you can stare at wall? That would be a much better thing to do. 

You said

@SamWilmaCharlie wrote:

I do know what I bought definitely. As I stated Roku Premiere (4620 series)


I bought this Roku in January 2021. .

I know what you said right there. You said you bought a 4620, which Roku discontinued in September 2018, and you bought it in January 2021.

So, how do you reconcile those statements.

If they're true, the person/business you bought it from offered a long-discontinued item as new.

If they're not true, you're lying about a purchase. Doing that and attempting to seek a remedy to which you are not entitled is a criminal act. 

How do you reconcile it? I'm seeing your reaction of not addressing the facts as a common misdirection that is common in dishonest people.

Simply put, you've been caught in a lie, or are a victim of a scam and your hurt pride won't allow you to admit it. 

I'm just some guy trying to help people. You've been called out. Go lick your wounds, accept that either you were scammed by a reseller, or you're a liar whose been found out. If the former, try dealing with things and seeking remedy from those that scammed you.

If the latter, go scam someone else.

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Re: Roku Premiere Remote Stopped Working - Tried Resetting Roku & Remote ?!?!?!


Thanks for the posts.

I have passed along your information to our Support team. They will reach out and assist you futher.

To avoid further confusion in this thread, the device you are using is a Roku Premiere (3920X), not an older device. I will be locking this thread.


Danny R.
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