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Roku Player Will Not Work Roku Box but turns TV On.

My newest Roku 4K+ Remote stopped working for the Roku Box.   It worked for about a week and then stopped.

I have ~ 

Cleaned the Sensors, Replaced the Remote Batteries, reset and repaired the remote multiple times,  Reset the Roku Box (started from the beginning) and none of this has worked.  

I have to press the button on the back of the Roku box for a reset and then it comes up and the remote works fine.  

I have other Roku boxes that work fine … 

Any help would be appreciated. 


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Re: Roku Player Will Not Work Roku Box but turns TV On.

It only works after a reset is because the remote is no longer paired to a roku, so it switches to IR, once its paired its wifi again. Why it doesn't pair I have no idea unless user error in the method of pairing. Or it can be faulty wifi circuitry in either the remote or the roku itself? When it communicating via IR you can pair it through the menu:

settings> remote> pair new device> remote > continue> prompts


Or unplug the roku for a bit, then plug it back in right after its stops bouncing start pressing and holding the pairing key for 5 seconds and release, its alright if the light goes out don't touch a thing let it communicate with roku until you get a big DONE on screen. 

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