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Roku Express not working

My Roku is less than I year old and has stopped working completely. I have tried everything to fix it and nothing it working. I have the Roku express and don’t know what else to try. My Roku decide is blinking two times and then stopping and my remote won’t work at all even though I changed the batteries. It doesn’t have a restart on the remote so I don’t know what else to do. How do I get it working again. My devices was on a different wifi than my phone so I can’t get access to it through my phone remote at all. Is there a way to connect it from the device straight to my phone without using the remote at all since it is not working at all. It won’t even work with my tv anymore. 

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Re: Roku Express not working

You can verify whether the remote is doing anything by using the camera on your phone.  Point the remote at the camera and when you press a button on the remote you should see a flash of light on the phone's screen.  If the remote isn't working you can get a cheap universal remote that supports Roku.

There's no way to connect directly to the phone and there's no way to use the app to get a device connected to Wi-Fi - you must use a remote.

For warranty information look here:

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