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Roku Express Stopped working with Remote

I have a Roku Express 4K which suddenly stopped working via the Roku Simple Remote.  Some how, honestly have no idea how but the device started to work with my Samsung TV Remote.  Then just as suddenly it stopped working with either remote.  I thought I could reset the remote possibly by pushing the reset button the device and starting all over as if the Roku was new.  The Roku proceeded to the Language screen but would not respond to the Simple Remote (with brand new batteries by the way).  I had read that I could use my smart phone as a remote.  So I opened the app and phone did a search for my Roku Express 4K in the loving room but couldn't locate it.  My phone did pick up my other Roku Express in the  bedroom and actually connected to it but couldn't find the LIVING ROOM device.  Any ideas or suggestions on how I can get it to work?  The Roku Express is about a year an a few months old.

Thank you in advance for help in this matter... Dave 

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Re: Roku Express Stopped working with Remote

The Roku device must be connected to the same network as the smart phone.  Otherwise the remote on the Roku app will not work with the device.  
~ Jordan

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