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Roku Express Remote

I am currently using a Roku Streaming Stick+ with my main LG TV.  I would like to purchase a Roku Express for another TV in the home but I do not want the remote to control the TV but want to be able to turn the remote off/on when not in use.  Can this be done?   I've had my Streaming Stick+ plus since 2018 and I cannot turn the remote off/on since I do not have it able to control the TV.  I must remove the batteries after each use.  I was told I could control this problem by turning the remote upside down, is that a real solution?  I don't understand how that would work.

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Roku Guru

Re: Roku Express Remote

I think in 40 years of having remote controls I've never had one that turned off.

I've also never heard of turning a remote over as a solution to... anything.  Unless maybe the problem is you have a pet stepping on your remote and pressing buttons??  (Grasping at straws...)

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Re: Roku Express Remote

No remote has an "on/off" switch. Especially an IR remote, such as comes with an Express or Premiere. IR remotes are completely inert until you press a button. They do not broadcast anything without a button press. And then they only emit infrared light, not a radio wave (yes, IR is technically a radio wave, but let's not get too technical). 

Can you be more specific about what "problem" you are attempting to resolve? If you mean you don't want the Roku Express remote to control the Roku Stick in the other room, that can't happen. Roku Stick players do not have an IR receiver, so can cannot be controlled via IR. The Express remote is IR only, so cannot control the Stick. 


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