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Roku Express Remote Will Pair at Home, Will Not Pair in Hotel Room

I have watched the videos and looked over the forums.

At home the process works fine and I can use all the remote functions and access channels.

I am now in a hotel room and the remote will not pair.  Since it won't pair, I cannot log into the hotel wifi.  I believe it won't pair because it cannot log into the hotel wifi, but I cannot access the window to log into the hotel wifi because the remote won't pair......  Get it?

So far I have:

Tried brand new batteries

Tried an HDMI extension cable

Tried to set up 2 different hotspot with an I-Phone and an Android phone

Power cycled the stick and remote several times.  When I do the ROKU dancing letters come up and after several seconds it goes to the home screen with channel options.  While this is happening the pairing light on the remote is blinking.  I've waited for up to 10 min for the pairing to happen but it never does.

So short of driving over this stupid stick multiple times with a 10 ton truck, relieving my bladder over the shattered remains, feeding what's left to a goat and then setting fire to what comes out while chanting to Beelzebub, how do I get this thing to work?

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