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Roku Express Controlling TV audio

I have a Roku Express (3900x) which does not have the volume buttons. My tv (non smart) volume is controlled by the RCA remote however the volume is triggered to go up and down by pushing any of the arrow buttons on the roku remote. For example, I’m in scrolling thru Netflix and I push the arrow to the right 15 times the volume goes up 15 times. If I push the left arrow it goes down but if I push up and down arrows they too control the volume. I constantly have to keep the tv remote near to counteract the volume the Roku remote changes while scrolling. Help! 

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Re: Roku Express Controlling TV audio

Something may have gone askew in the setup of Express 3900 and your remote.  First is to make sure the Roku Express has all its software and firmware and channels updated.

SETTINGS...SYSTEM....SYSTEM UPDATE...CHECK NOW (press that button regardless of what is showing.  Should show 9.4 build 4200 but will still update channels, etc.)


SETTINGS...SYSTEM...SYSTEM RESTART.  (Reboots Express 3900)

See if that works.  If not, then next step is to attempt to PAIR your Express 3900 and the Roku Simple Remote again with the updated Express.

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Re: Roku Express Controlling TV audio


Thanks for the post.

It's possible that the IR signal that is being sent to the the Roku device is interacting with the IR signal for your TV. Have you tried moving the Roku device away from the IR receiver on your TV and seeing if this resolves your issue?

Please keep us posted.


Danny R.
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