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Roku Express 3930 v/s Roku 3?

Is the Roku Express 3930 faster than Roku 3?
I have noticed when navigating my Roku 3 through the menus and apps, it chugs. Would I notice a difference if I bought the Roku Express 3930?
I noticed the 3 has a 900mhz processor vs 1.2ghz in the 3930 but they have the same amount of ram (512mb).

Is it worth the upgrade?
I only have a 1080p TV and won't be upgrading anytime soon.

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Re: Roku Express 3930 v/s Roku 3?

The Roku 3 is 6-8 years old, depending on the model (4200 released in 2013, 4230 released in 2015). It may be gettin near end of life.

While a Roku Express would perform as fast as the Roku 3, it doesn't have all the features. However, you may not need all the features, so you wouldn't really lose anything.

The Express has an IR remote. It must have clear line of sight to the Roku to work properly. And, it doesn't have TV power or volume controls. Depending on when you got your Roku 3, you may not have TV controls, but you might. The new voice remotes work with the Roku 3 (all models) and if you're using that, you'd lose that.

The Express+ (Walmart) might be a better option, if you're wanting to replace as inexpensively as possible. Another good option would be the Stick+, which is on sale for $40 right now.

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