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Roku 4K Tv and Roku Express

So I have a roku Tv for my living room and a Roku Express in my bedroom. If I try to stream on my Roku Express while my roku tv is on it will not connect to the internet. This is the first roku tv I’ve owned. My question is has anybody else experienced this issue? Is this a common thing? Please let me know. TIA #rokuexpress #roku4ktv

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Re: Roku 4K Tv and Roku Express


I've not experienced that at all. In fact, I have an older Roku TV (TCL brand) that is so old and sluggish compared to the current sticks, that I have a Roku Stick plugged into it and use that instead. So, right there together are two Roku devices, both on, one streaming.

And, while watching the Stick-on-the-Roku-TV, I can watch on a Roku in another room.

All that to say I've not encountered what you're experiencing.

A question: when you say your Roku TV is "on" do you mean it's on but not streaming, or it's on and streaming. Those are not the same thing, after all, and the distinction may be important.

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