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Reprogram shortcut buttons

FOR ROKU. I understand that we cannot re-program our four short cut buttons, but I would like the option to put what four buttons I want on my remote! I have no children so I don’t need the Disney Channel and I don’t watch sports so I don’t need the ESPN button. There should be someway where you can choose the streaming channels that you want on those short cut buttons since you do not allow us to change them ourselves. I realize you have contracts with these streaming services and that’s fine, we should have a list of streaming services that we’re allowed to put on those four buttons and then program them ourselves. 

Roku Guru

Re: Reprogram shortcut buttons

Those buttons are paid for by the companies on your remote. The channels listed vary by device and year, but are on all remotes. That's one way Roku makes money. '

Roku is not likely to give up a steady income stream.

Roku Guru

Re: Reprogram shortcut buttons

How about a workaround solution I employed.  I recently  bought a cheapo $10.00 Philips Universal remote from Target.  Now I simply don't use the supplied Roku remote anymore.  I don't need their button arraignment favouring advertisers or high price.  I control BOTH television and the Roku Ultra in one remote.

End of issue-at least for me